It's easy to find ideas about employee engagement. It's harder to find ones that actually work.

Watch AnyPerk's free webinar to learn from incentives and engagement expert Paul Hebert and AnyPerk VP Michael Stapleton the “whys” and the “hows” of employee engagement, so you can implement plans that really do the job.


  • The one thing you HAVE to do to succeed (and it isn't what you think).
  • The two sides to the reward discussion (it’s not always about stuff).
  • The three major parts of the engagement planning process (it doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective).
  • The four ways the different generations in your organization view engagement (this will surprise you – more alike than not?).

About the Presenters

  • Paul Hebert is a speaker, author, and expert in presenting incentive, recognition, rewards, and loyalty strategies for businesses.
  • Michael Stapleton is an expert in the rewards & recognition space and the VP of Marketing at AnyPerk.

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Watch the Webinar

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